Medical Equipment Solutions

Through a network of industry-leading manufacturers and distributors, Healthcare Solutions Specialists provides physicians and orthopedic patients with high quality Medicare-approved medical devices including:

  • Spine bracing
  • Knee bracing
  • Ankle bracing
  • Wrist and Hand bracing
  • Bone stimulators
  • Lymphedema pumps
  • DVT pumps
  • TENS units
  • Interferential units
  • Muscle Stimulators
  • Electrode garments
  • Bone growth stimulators
  • Knee CPMs
  • Shoulder CPMs

We also deliver unparalleled customer care in educating patients and consulting with healthcare providers to ensure they select the appropriate products for their patients.

Contact the customer care associates of Healthcare Solutions Specialists for more information on our industry-leading products and services.

Did you know…

Customized implants are also increasing in the market as the demand for patient-specific implantation rises. More suppliers are now involved in the manufacturing of personalized orthopedic devices and implants.


Image of lab technician examining a specimen

Laboratory Testing Services

Utilizing skilled, certified lab technicians, we provide fast, accurate, and detailed toxicology screening results. Ask us about customized lab panels and forms, as well as express test results available through our online portal.

Image of a medical professional speaking with a patient

Medical Equipment Solutions

We provide physicians and orthopedic patients with high quality Medicare-approved medical devices. Our customer care associates offer education and advice about selecting appropriate products for patients.

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Effective Pain Management

Through partnerships with leading pharmaceutical providers, we offer transdermal pain medication solutions to help effectively manage pain without the need for potentially addictive narcotics or other oral treatment options.


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